Mac requires enough RAM to fetch information pertaining to every icon so that it can load them during startup. The time required to load so many icons will delay the startup time of your mac.

If you need quick access to files, organize your data in folders and name them appropriately. It is the best way to save and retrieve files. Restrict the number of icons on your desktop to maximum of 20 to experience faster loading time. Another important reason why your mac responds slowly is because of the number of applications that load during startup. If you have many applications lined up in your Login items then, it will take longer time for your mac to come to life. Go to System Preferences->Users & Groups to check the applications that are loading during startup. It is highly likely that you will find many unwanted apps listed in the Login items. Software installations automatically inject their applications to start during loading so that the app is available when the user logins. In reality, users don’t need all apps to be running when they login. Some of these applications will be used rarely and hence it is good to remove them from Login items.

Last but not the least, you can also speed up your MacBook pro by going in for a 1TB SSD for MacBook Pro. Though expensive, a 1TB SSD will help your Mac work faster by about 40% to even 60% higher speeds than before!

Are you tired of waiting for your mac to load initially? Do you encounter the spinning beach ball when you login to your mac? The sight of a spinning beach ball is not the end of your MacBook Pro’s life. A cluttered desktop and an almost full hard disk can bring the speed of your mac down. Does the question how to speed up your mac cross your mind often? Try these simple solutions before you fret about upgrading to a new hard disk or RAM.

Begin with your desktop. Is your desktop messy with more than 100 icons scattered over it? If you are nodding your head then, it is time you do some housekeeping. Desktop contains many icons that are never used by the user. Most often, users forget that they have created shortcuts and they are left on the desktop without any purpose. Remove all the unused shortcuts to several apps on your mac. It is not a good practice to save your files loosely on desktop. Many users save their files since they think it is a convenient way to access the file when needed. Although it is convenient to access files, it strains the processor during login.

Experience Faster Response Time by Cleaning Mac’s Desktop

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